Auspicious Dates for 2019

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi: What makes an auspicious day?

“It’s not a matter of faith. It’s a physical effect of all that we have surrounding us: this sun, this moon, this planet, this month, that month, this month, that month. It’s all predictable with reference to one’s own time of birth and place of birth.

So the individual is just not an accident. Birth time, and in what family the child is born, when born, and all that, all that—from the birth, they predict all the events of life. It’s not a gossip. It’s mathematics; it’s actuality.”

watch the video for Maharishi’s full answerfrom May 12, 2003 Press Conference

Celebrating the Vedic Calendar with the
Maharishi Jyotish and Maharishi Yagya Programs

Each day dawns with a different quality of Nature’s intelligence. These unique values of Creative Intelligence—prosperity, peace, protection, etc.— are enlivened in our lives through the Vedic Technology of Jyotish and Yagya Programs.

The Vedic Calendar is primarily based on the daily movements of the Sun and the Moon in various Rashis—the zodiac signs—and the Nakshatras—the constellations.

One cycle of the Vedic Calendar is the time period that the earth takes in moving around the Sun once. In about the same time the Moon moves around the earth twelve times. Other cycles can be a changing season, the phases of the moon, an hour or only a minute—each given a characteristic and direction from the same evolutionary force that directs the entire galactic universe.

Jyotish provides us with the knowledge of the dynamics of the Laws of Nature that impart these specific qualities to the various days as the planets and stars move through time and space in relation to each other. There are certain times when the Laws of Nature are more awake and alert to support specific desires and needs and enhance the fulfillment of spiritual and material goals. Maharishi Jyotish consultations help determine which Maharishi Yagya performances for special purposes done on these days will have a greater influence and more easily fulfill a desire.

In the days of Vedic Civilization—civilization in accord with Natural Law—specific yagyas were performed on certain days in order to enliven these qualities in the individual, society and the environment. We want to re-enliven this tradition by inviting everyone to schedule Maharishi Jyotish and Yagya services to take advantage of these auspicious times.

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