Everything was working effortlessly
“I was surprised at the depth of the feeling that everything was working around me effortlessly, peacefully and softly on my birthday. It was noticeably different from other birthdays. Thank you to those who organized.” E.K. — Canada

Feeling very mellow
“I was under a great deal of pressure at work and preparing for major surgery in the weeks leading up to my birthday. Frankly, I didn’t give much thought to the birthday Yagya that my father-in-law sponsored for me. Then, on my birthday I started feeling very mellow. A month later I still feel that way. And the surgeon said my operation went better than he expected. Impressive.” T.W. — USA

I feel blessed
“There was a definite change in consciousness from the Yagya. I feel really blessed. I’m definitely looking forward to having a birthday Yagya every year.” D.D. — UK

The Cosmic Smile
“Experience is really cosmic and unifies all levels of human existence in the Cosmic Smile and one feels as the Golden Powder is poured over him. Thanks to all Vedic Pandits that perform Yagyas and all Vedic Tradition that brought to us this Divine Pure Knowledge.” — Serbia

The impact was obvious
“We had not expected the Yagya to affect us so directly, but the impact was obvious. Difficult to describe, but impossible to miss.” J.S. — USA

Life as it was meant to be
“My body, emotions and daily activities seem more fluid and easy from the Yagya. Even the most challenging situations, whether personal or with work or family, seemed to sort themselves out effortlessly. This is life as it was meant to be.” M.H. — USA

Anchored in the Absolute
“We both felt anchored in the Absolute the entire time: a sense that we were immovable—really. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the next one.” M.K. — USA

Another great gift from Maharishi
“We have enjoyed greater success in our business and a real connectedness with Natural Law. This is another great gift from Maharishi that we now consider to be an essential part of our lives.” D.G. — USA

Ease in activity
“The Yagyas are changing my life. There is so much ease in activity now. God bless all the Maharishi Vedic Pandits.” M.E. — USA

Life flows more softly
“The effect of the Yagyas is amazing—many I have talked to have noticed the same quality of experience as I have. Life flows so much more softly, support of Nature is constant in small and big ways, barriers are lifting. I can feel at peace with everything.” C.M. — USA