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“Reducing negativity and tension in the life of the individual through Maharishi Yagya programs will amount to reducing negativity and tension in world consciousness.” —Maharishi

Your Donation Can Sponsor a Maharishi Yagya

Graha Shanti and Specific Purpose Maharishi Yagya performances

1. Maharishi Yagya Recommendation: Before applying to sponsor a Maharishi Yagya, you will need to receive a Maharishi Yagya recommendation, which is prepared by Maharishi Jyotish Experts as part of a Maharishi Jyotish Consultation. Please visit: www.MaharishiJyotishProgram.org

If you have already received a Maharishi Yagya recommendation, please proceed to Step 2 below:

2. Fill out an application to sponsor a Maharishi Yagya and then make your donation.

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Please note that because of the special arrangements necessary to fully prepare a Maharishi Graha Shanti or Specific Purpose Yagya, it will be good to expect that the performance will be 2–3 weeks after your application and sponsorship are finalized.

What size Maharishi Yagya performances may be sponsored?

Maharishi Yagya performances create life-supporting effects and help avoid any unwanted tendency before it manifests. They are meant to fulfill the goal of “heyam dukham anagatam,” or “avert the danger before it arises.”

Every Maharishi Yagya performance helps eliminate or reduce negativity in life, while at the same time bringing additional support of Nature for maximum success and fulfillment.

All Maharishi Yagya performances may be scheduled in categories A through H. These refer to the size and therefore relative power or influence of the Maharishi Yagya performance; A is the largest category, and H the smallest. Maharishi Yagya performances related to higher contributions produce more effective results. The donation levels for Maharishi Yagyas is provided along with the Maharishi Yagya Recommendation.

The choice of category should be on the basis of the intensity of problems or on the basis of the speed of achieving the objective. The broad principle for Maharishi Yagya performances is: “vitta sakhyam na kaaryet”—“do not perform yagyas below one’s financial capacity.”

Additional Maharishi Yagya performances also available

A Maharishi Yagya recommendation is not required for the following:

Your donation may be tax-deductible

Note: Brahmananda Saraswati Yagya Foundation is a non-profit organization exempt from tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, and donations are tax-deductible for U.S. tax-payers. Donors should consult their tax advisors for personal considerations in determining the amount of any tax deduction to which they are entitled.